Absolute Chanyeol, Be Human, Arbitrage.

Give me the next exo epic masterpiece.

28 June 2012 ♥ 73
Reading the Kaisoo Fanfic Arbitrage is like reading a New York Times best-selling novel while solving a very long Binary arithmetic problem while recalling all episodes of the anime Steins;Gate which also made my brain mindfuck.

21 June 2012 ♥ 30
Can I share something?

Ok, this is not anime related okay?

It’s about kpop, okay?

I’m so fucking depressed right now. FUCK.

I read Absolute Chanyeol and then Be Human yesterday and I still feel so fuckin depressed until now.

These stories are so sad.

So angsty. 

So sad and angsty.

So fuckin sad and angsty.

So so fucking sad and angsty.

Don’t call yourself a baekyeol and taoris shipper if you haven’t read those fics.

I always thought I was an improving writer.

But after reading those, I felt like calling my own fanfics trash and delete everything on my asianfanfics account.

I watched the fanvid/trailer of Arbitrage.

I feel like these are going to be the death of me.

Ok I’ll read this Arbitrage fic later and die.

I don’t feel like attending classes cause my mind was successfully corrupted.

I just want you guys to know how much I love you and appreciate that you are still following me though I don’t do poster spam anymore.

Now I’m just…really sad.

And now, 

18 June 2012 ♥ 26
I have so much respect on EXOtics who have chosen their one ultimate EXO bias. I mean, each and everyone of them are bias wreckers. 16 April 2012 ♥ 18
Non Anime Related

I know, I should only post anime-related stuffs here but…please allow me to spazz.

B.A.P.'s Warrior


NU’EST's Face

and now


8 April 2012 ♥ 32
Personal [non anime post]

For ELFs in the Philippines, who went to the 5JIB party yesterday?

OMG it was fun. [Especially when I won a 5jib album worth 950 pesos!]

I hope you guys arrive home safe.

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