audtopsy said:  背景画像は何ですか what is the background picture? I really like it

Togainu No Chi  : :)

8 April 2012 ♥ 2

supbiotchess said:  Hiya! Love your blog! But I was wondering, and please don't think less of me, but what does Otakus mean?

Otaku  is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly animemanga or video games. -wiki :)

8 April 2012

book-worm-patronus said:  . i love your posters. are you the original maker of these? i mean is this an original idea of yours?

Nope. It’s written on the description and F.A.Q. :)

8 April 2012

otaku-me said:  What is 5986 and what does it have to do with naughty Gokudera in that earlier post? xD

59 - gokudera ; 86 - haru

5986 - their pairing

the screenshot from the poster is for their shippers :)

19 November 2011

yukipantsu said:  Are you sure you started at October 18 2011(on your Faq)? I was positively sure I followed this blog before that date. . . or am I a time traveler lol.

OMG let me edit that lol

Sorry, my bad.

19 November 2011 ♥ 3

kuromikowaii said:  One of the posters is wrong. The one about the left and right hands having the thumb on the same side. Because you're looking at them from different angles.

read faq :)

19 November 2011 ♥ 1

shamelessbuttlord said:  uhm.... hi i really like-LOVE ur blog!!!!! and for the record... its AWESOME, anyway may i ask whats the title of the anime that norway and australia is in? hoping for your answer!? thanks lovelots

Axis power hetalia.

Sorry for the very late reply.

19 November 2011 ♥ 1

queenlupie23 said:  i cant find the reblog button and clicking the picture doesn't work either

Click The DATE, then click REBLOG- it’s on the top right part of the page. :)

16 October 2011

antoinetteblue said:  can you please explain the joke? (i'm not being sarcastic, i just didin't get it) post/4922093475

Sebby-chan’s in the East in the middle of the night:because he is in the East (right side) of the picture.

In the middle of the night: the backgrounds dark. It must be a night scene.

Not an original post. Below the notes, you’ll see that I just reblogged that. If you still don’t get it maybe you can ask the user who originally posted it.

Hope that helped ^^

Sorry I’m not good at explaining. Hehe

22 September 2011 ♥ 1

cantstopreadingyaoi said:  What anime is your background from?


18 August 2011
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